Guidance And Counselling


Through this medium, parents, guardians, teachers and students are being intimated with the various activities which fall within the purview of the guidance and counselling unit of the college which has recently been created and thus seeks the mandate and support of all stakeholders, parents, guardians, teachers and students to pursue its activities;

  1. Educational guidance and counselling:

To advise on how to be abreast of events concerning and to correct deficiency in terms of academic problems.

  1. Career and vocational guidance and counselling: How to make the best use of their careers and how to advance in terms of career(s)
  • Socio-personal guidance and counselling: Dealing with other related issues in the family and personal adjustment of life and situations.

In a nutshell, counselling is the act of advising and guidance is the act of advising and guiding someone to follow a proper course of action.

The specific objectives of the new unit among others are as follows;

  1. Help counselees/interviewees improve their adjustments to college situations
  2. Help them develop skills for dealing more successfully with the problems they encounter during studies and after leaving the college.
  3. Assist the students not only in solving immediate problems but in developing their resources for solving future problems.
  4. When they are confronted with problems which they cannot solve by themselves, it is essential for them to realize that someone is interested in them and to believe that they can obtain help from that person (counsellor) when they need help.
  5. Willingness and readiness to offer relevant and necessary professional assistance whenever there is such need.



  1. Orientation programme which is designed to help most students especially new ones in particular to adjust to new situations through the college.
  2. Career talk or seminar
  3. Visits or excursions
  4. Sex education talk/seminar
  5. Deviant behavioural talks, relevant talks, lectures and seminar to address issues along that line from time to time will surely reduce a tendency for such among students (undesirable acts like theft, rape, vandalism, thuggery, bully, lies obstinacy, truancy, fighting, disobedience and disrespect to constituted authority, and other anti-social behaviours.

Guidance is needed where there are problems/issues/challenges because the individual needs a continuous guidance process from early childhood throughout adulthood. Guidance also needs to be provided in the content of total development of personality.

For the advantage of those students and others who do not know the work, worth or what they can benefit from the guidance counsellor and for those who see the counsellor as an island to himself, an officer without portfolio, some of the roles of the unit are enumerated here as: appraisal service, information service, orientation services; educational counselling, orientation services; educational counselling; vocational counselling, socio-personal counselling, research service; follow-up service; referral service, evaluation service and administrative service.

Guidance and counselling services will also be needed in getting staff guided and even advise them to employ the best approach to get the ultimate goals of the college realized and this in effect will aid better output of each employee. Every individual in life needs a continuous guidance process even in the worlds of work most especially as it relates to the context of total development of personality.