Science and Mathematics Department

The department is committed to educating individual learner in every aspect of sciences oriented and mathematical inclined subjects through a model that is relational and based on global standard. We are committed to holistic education and training where individual learner is purpose-driven, self- actualization and tomorrow’s leader in the field of sciences, technologies and innovations.
The department has been preparing and participating in various competitions such as Mathematics Olympiad, Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition, Interswitch SPAK science competition
The department is divided into three units
a. Mathematics and Computer Unit (MCU)
b. Science Unit (SCU)
c. Vocational and technical Unit ( VTU)

Subjects Offer
1. Agriculture/Agric. Science
2. Biology
3. Basic Science
4. Basic Technology
5. Basic Mathematics
6. Chemistry
7. Computer Studies/ Science
8. Data Processing
9. Further Mathematics
10. Home Economics
11. Mathematics
12. Physics
13. PHE

Other Services
* Remedial Classes for weak and average students
* Building talented/Gifted Students for Opportunities

Departmental Club
* JETS Club
* Mathematics Club