Hostel Life

ADEOLA ODUTOLA COLLEGE PRIVATE SCHOOL HOSTEL was established as an essential arm of the school management’s vision to build a monumental citadel where excellence in education is of paramount importance.


The HOSTEL has standard and decent separate accommodation for both boys and girls with modern conveniences including dining hall, solar power system, CCTV, wire mesh fence, generator and security personnel for both day and night.


  • To create an open environment where each student feels able to approach any other member of the community, confident that he/she will be treated as an individual
  • To provide an environment in which boarders can develop their intellectual talents through well-structured study time, access to staff and other students in an atmosphere which values effort and achievement
  • To provide accommodation that is comfortable and suitable to the needs of boarders according to their age and which provides appropriate levels of privacy
  • To provide an atmosphere that allows boarders to develop a tolerance of others and to live free of harassment and bullying
  • To safeguard and promote the welfare of each boarder, by providing an environment that is, as far as possible, free from physical hazards and danger of any sort.


There will be one on one orientation on arrival of boarders and general orientation to guide them on the mode of operation in the hostel. This orientation shall cover the whole facets of the school activities, student’s behavior towards each other, prep, siesta, meal and other hostel life.

The hostel parents will be in charge.

All students are subject to discipline, sanctions for breaking general rules and regulations of the hostel.

  • Students’ luggage must be inspected by the house master/mistress for clearance and confirmation before being allocated into the appropriate room/bed space
  • Once fixed up in a room, there shall be no exchange of room or bed space between students
  • Students’ personal belongings must be well marked\labeled for easy identification
  • Only boarders are allowed in the hostel
  • The Hostel and Sunday wears are expected to be purchased from the school
  • Other things such as nightgown, pyjamas, coverlet, underwear, footwear, toiletries and other things like beddings are to be brought from home
  • Students are not allowed to take any school property out of the hostel
  • Students are strongly advised not to touch, write/paste on, or abuse the walls of the hostel
  • Libelous writing and publications are not allowed in the school hostel
  • All students must compulsorily observe the siesta hour, no moving around during the period
  • All students must obey the bell calls
  • The use of derogatory language or Nick names is forbidden.
  • As a good citizen of the College, you must always report anything out of law to the Hostel Authorities
  • Stealing is not allowed in the hostel. Students are advised to learn to be contented with what you have
  • Fighting is a serious offence and must be avoided
  • Pocket money should be kept with the house master/mistress and withdrawn when the need arises
  • Roll call of students in the hostel could be called by the house master/mistress at any time
  • Students should inform the Hostel Parents whenever they have complaints and guide against sending messages that will create unnecessary alarm to their parents simply because they want their parents to come and visit them
  • The school authority is against any form of amorous advances
  • All students must maintain the general prep rules
  • Wake up time and light out time must be duly obeyed by all students
  • Playing ball or outdoor game in the dormitory is prohibited.


The following items are prohibited:

  • Electronic gadgets
  • Mobile phones
  • Computer games
  • Other wears apart from hostel and school wears should not be brought into the hostel otherwise they will be confiscated and will not be returned but sent to charity homes


  • Students are expected to report back to hostel not later than 5:00pm
  • Any student who fails to return to the hostel three days after resumption shall be required to get in touch with the college authority armed with an approved medical report.

TIME: Life in the hostel is a well programmed one such that, every student is conditioned to obeying the set time for every activity.  Therefore, at the sound of the alarm which signifies time for a particular activity, the hostel prefects and hostel parents must ensure all student adhere. No student is allowed to live a timeless life.

  • Students are to wake up early at the sound of the bell and prepare for school
  • All students are expected to participate in the morning devotion
  • Students must lay their beds, maintain other personal hygiene. Hair, nails, teeth etc be kept clean and neat
  • All students should leave dining hall for school by 7:20am


Student’s language at all point must be well polished English.

Pidgin, use of mother tongue, foul language, gossip, backbiting, slanderous words are highly prohibited and punishable.


All students are expected to be in their house wear within the hostel. The hostel management strongly discourages students from skimpy /transparent wears, under wears and tying of towel outside their respective rooms. Students must be well dressed at all times.

Mufti is not allowed in the hostel


Rudeness to the House Master/Mistress and other members of staff in the hostel will attract severe disciplinary action. Also, students as a matter of compulsion must respect one another irrespective of class


Under no guise should any senior commission the junior ones to run errands for him/her in the hostel.

Students are responsible for cleaning the hostel and do their laundries. The wash days shall be Wednesday and Saturday


All students are expected to walk down into the dining hall at the sound of the bell and ensure they eat the served meal. No student is allowed to take food into the dormitory. A student must not take another’s meal. Students are to observe good table manners at all times, using the appropriate cutleries


  • Parents or Guardians are allowed to visit their wards only on scheduled visiting days
  • Visitors are not to be allowed into the dormitory
  • Calls should be placed across to the hostel parents whenever parents are in the school premises on visiting days.


Students are engaged in sports activities at weekends. Also, the school has provision for games like monopoly, chess, scrabble, drafts and table tennis for relaxation and total academic enjoyment.


  • Boarders are all expected to go home during the midterm break to enable them liase with their parents/guardian and also recoup all necessary needs.
  • Public Holidays: It is not compulsory for students to go home for any public holiday, except where necessary. Students are given special treats on holidays. This is to enable them feel at home.